Piemonte Land of Wine

Piemonte Land of Wine

In the heart of Italy's illustrious wine regions lies Piemonte, a land deeply rooted in viticultural tradition and innovation. Recognizing the need for unity in voice and vision, the Piemonte Land of Wine association was born on 29 July 2011. A pioneering initiative, it aimed to create a harmonious platform for the Piedmontese wine protection consortia, offering them an avenue for collaborative discussions and the formation of shared strategies to magnify the global recognition of Piedmontese wines.

Today, Piemonte Land stands as an emblem of unity, representing all 14 wine consortia officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Agriculture. The association casts its protective and promotional gaze over a staggering 44,000 hectares of Piedmontese vineyards, an expansive canvas of green stretching from the provinces of Alessandria, Asti, and Cuneo right to the majestic foothills of the Alps. This colossal wine heritage is predominantly comprised of the region's prized appellations, with 80% being the 18 DOCGs and 41 regional DOCs.

However, Piemonte Land's ambition extends beyond mere numbers. As Italy's inaugural endeavor in shared promotional strategies across consortia, Piemonte Land tirelessly champions not just the wines, but the rich agri-food tapestry and the stunning vistas of one of the globe's paramount wine-producing regions. Their efforts were met with international acclaim when these territories were crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.

In essence, Piemonte Land of Wine is not just an association but the heart and soul of the region, tirelessly weaving together the diverse threads of Piedmont's wine legacy to present a unified and resplendent tapestry to the world.

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