Wine Growers Canada

Wine Growers Canada

Wine Growers Canada is, for over 50 years, the association dedicated to representing all producers and stakeholders in the Canadian wine industry. The association seeks to transmit all the information that allows to spread the winegrowing activity in Canada in an organized way, but also to make the Canadian industry a much more accessible and inclusive place for all. To this end, it has several programs, including:

  • Responsible drinking: as its name suggests, this program focuses on spreading the practice of drinking in moderation and responsibility, always seeking to avoid excessive alcohol consumption. This program includes several initiatives, including ''The Right Amount'', launched in 2021. The Right Amount includes a digital and interactive platform, which allows consumers to know the ideal measure of wine and the alcohol content of different types of wines, among other data that help prevent excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: In 2021, Wine Growers Canada launched the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion framework, with various actions to promote and strengthen these 3 pillars. Some of the initiatives that are part of this program are the constant review of policies, practices and various integration programs that affect all winemaking processes remain in place, ensuring the dignified treatment and respect for all stakeholders in the wine industry, and the creation of the permanent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.
  • International export strategy for Canadian wine: this initiative aims to further strengthen the already excellent image that Canada's cool-climate wines have on the international market. To this end, three strategic priorities have been established, on the basis of which promotional activities for Canadian viticulture will be developed:

Increase worldwide recognition of Canada as a serious "cool climate" wine producing region to retain current markets and create new export opportunities for producers. 

Publicize the higher profile wines produced in the Canadian market through various international media.

Ensure equitable access to international markets for all producers through the promotion of various trade opportunities.

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