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Nestled within the picturesque Aosta Valley of Italy, the Nus wine region boasts a rich viticultural heritage and stunning alpine landscapes. Situated at an elevation that ranges from 600 to 900 meters, the vineyards thrive in a unique microclimate characterized by cold winters and warm summers, fostering the cultivation of traditional grape varietals like Petit Rouge, Fumin, and Vuillermin. The area's steep terraced vineyards are a testament to centuries of laborious winemaking practices. Nus wines exhibit a distinct minerality and complexity, attributed to the region's rocky soils and meticulous cultivation methods. Visitors to Nus are treated to an enchanting experience, where they can explore charming villages, savor exceptional wines, and revel in the beauty of a wine-growing region harmoniously integrated with its breathtaking natural surroundings.



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The Nus DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) is located in the Aosta Valley, which is a region in northwest Italy. More specifically, the Nus DOC is centered around the town of Nus within the Aosta Valley. Nus is situated in the eastern part of the Aosta Valley, near the border with Switzerland. The Nus DOC encompasses vineyards in and around the town of Nus, as well as the surrounding areas within the Aosta Valley. In this region, the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Valle d'Aosta is key to elevate the quality of the wines under this appelation.

The Nus DOC experiences a continental climate characterized by cold winters and moderate summers. The mountainous terrain and high altitudes shape the vineyards, resulting in cooler temperatures and a shorter growing season. These conditions contribute to the production of expressive and aromatic wines, reflecting the unique terroir of the Nus DOC.

The Nus DOC features a diverse range of soils influenced by the surrounding alpine landscape. These soils vary from rocky and mineral-rich to alluvial and sandy compositions. They contribute to the wines' intricate minerality, distinctive terroir expression, and complexity, shaping the character of Nus wines with a unique balance of flavors and textures.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Vien de Nus, Petit Rouge

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Pinot Grigio

Embark on a sensory voyage to the heart of the Aosta Valley with the Nus DOC, a collection of wines that epitomize the region's winemaking prowess.

Nus, a captivating red blend, marries the elegant Vien de Nus grape with Petit Rouge and other authorized varieties. This symphony of flavors dances on the palate, celebrating the terroir's essence.

Elevating the experience is Nus Malvoise, a white wonder crafted from 100% Pinot Grigio. It unveils a delicate bouquet, painting a picture of the Aosta Valley's Alpine charm. Each sip carries you to sun-kissed vineyards and lush landscapes, a tribute to the purity of the grape.

For the ultimate indulgence, Nus Malvoise Passito beckons. Crafted exclusively from 100% Pinot Grigio grapes, this nectar is born from meticulous winemaking. The grapes are patiently dried, concentrating their sugars and flavors, resulting in a wine that embodies opulence and refinement.

In the Nus DOC, each bottle tells a story—of tradition, innovation, and the harmonious union between grape and terroir. Whether you're savoring the complexity of Nus, the elegance of Nus Malvoise, or the luxurious indulgence of Nus Malvoise Passito, these wines captivate the senses and honor the Aosta Valley's winemaking heritage. Experience the artistry of Nus wines and let them transport you to a world of flavors and emotions, where nature's bounty is transformed into liquid poetry.