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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of southern Italy, the Bivongi DOC is a hidden gem that captures the essence of the Calabrian terroir. This charming appellation, situated in the heart of the Calabria region, is a wine lover's paradise, offering a unique taste of the Mediterranean climate and rugged terrain that define its viticultural environment.

The Bivongi DOC boasts a rich tapestry of grape varieties, with a particular emphasis on the bold and robust reds. Among the most prominent red grape varieties cultivated in this enchanting region are Castiglione, Gaglioppo, and Greco Nero. These grapes thrive in the region's sun-drenched hillsides and contribute to wines that are characterized by their deep, complex flavors and the unmistakable influence of the sun-soaked terroir.

As you explore the Bivongi DOC, you'll also encounter the allure of its white wines, which showcase the region's versatility and commitment to viticultural excellence. Ansonica, Greco, and Guardavalle are the principal white grape varieties cultivated here, producing wines that are refreshingly crisp, with a delightful interplay of fruity and mineral notes. These white wines provide a refreshing counterpoint to the region's dominant reds, making Bivongi a diverse and captivating wine destination.

The terroir of Bivongi is truly special, with vineyards cascading down the hillsides, basking in the Mediterranean sun, and benefiting from the cooling influence of sea breezes. This unique combination of climate and topography lends an unmistakable character to the wines of the region, imparting a sense of place that is hard to find elsewhere.

Bivongi DOC is a place where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist, where winemakers honor centuries-old techniques while also embracing modern practices. As you savor the wines of Bivongi, you'll discover a captivating fusion of history, terroir, and a passion for winemaking that is uniquely Calabrian. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious traveler, a journey to Bivongi will leave you with a profound appreciation for the artistry of Calabrian winemaking and the beauty of its natural surroundings.


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The Bivongi DOC is located in the Calabria wine region. The vineyards are concentrated in the municipalities of Bivongi, Caulonia, Monasterace, Riace and Stilo, located in Reggio Calabria, and the municipality of Guardavalle, in the province of Catanzaro.

In summer, temperatures in Bivongi are high, but the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea helps to cool the vineyards during this season. In addition, the region receives morning and evening breezes, which help prevent fungal diseases without using chemicals.

Bivongi DOC's soil is predominantly calcareous and clayey, creating a fertile foundation for grapevines. The terrain's mineral-rich composition contributes to the distinct character of wines produced in this Calabrian appellation.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Castiglione, Gaglioppo, Greco Nero

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Ansonica, Greco, Guardavalle

In the heart of Calabria's rich viticultural landscape lies the Bivongi DOC, a haven for the cultivation of distinctive wines that reflect the region's unique terroir. The Bivongi DOC boasts an intriguing trio of expressions: Bianco, Rosato, and Rosso, each crafted with a careful balance of indigenous and authorized grape varieties.

A symphony of Greco, Guardavalle, and Montonico Bianco intertwines with the enchanting Ansonica and Malvasia, forming the soul of Bivongi's Bianco. This pale elixir captures the essence of Calabria's sun-drenched slopes and maritime influences. A harmonious dance between the quintessential white grapes and the subtle accents of other authorized white varieties results in a wine of finesse and allure. With a minimum alcohol level of 10.5%, the Bianco presents a refreshing journey through Calabria's coastal terroir.

The Rosato of Bivongi embodies the spirit of its origins through a captivating blend. Gaglioppo and Greco Nero, representative of the region's red heritage, form the core, while Castiglione, Nero d’Avola, and Nocera contribute their vibrant personalities. Infused with a maximum of 15% other authorized white grapes and up to 10% of other authorized red grapes, this Rosato captures the Mediterranean essence in every sip. With a minimum alcohol level of 11.5%, it offers an aromatic voyage through Calabria's diverse terroir.

The Rosso from Bivongi emerges as a tapestry woven with indigenous Gaglioppo and Greco Nero, reflecting the region's character. Complemented by Castiglione, Nero d’Avola, and Nocera, this red marvel marries tradition and innovation. The subtle interplay of up to 15% other authorized white grapes and a maximum of 10% other authorized red grapes adds complexity to the composition. With a minimum alcohol level of 12.0%, the Rosso embodies the warmth and depth of Calabria's soil, yielding a wine of integrity and charm.

Within the Bivongi DOC's range of expressions, each glass tells the story of sun-soaked vineyards, rocky soils, and passionate craftsmanship. The Bianco, Rosato, and Rosso wines are not just beverages but a journey through the essence of Calabria, encapsulating its terroir, history, and the dedication of its winemakers.