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Nestled within the heart of Campania, the Taurasi DOCG is a testament to Italy's rich viticultural heritage. Framed by rolling hills and bathed in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, Taurasi is a land where vines dance with the rhythms of nature, producing wines of unparalleled depth and character.

The cornerstone of Taurasi's winemaking legacy is the Aglianico grape. Often dubbed the "Barolo of the South", Aglianico flourishes in Taurasi's diverse terroir, drawing from the soils and climate to express its fullest potential. Deeply colored, this grape possesses a robust structure, giving rise to wines that are both powerful and graceful.

Taurasi's wine offerings are distinguished primarily into two categories: the Rosso and Riserva. The Taurasi Rosso is a reflection of the land's youthful exuberance, delivering a bouquet of red fruits, spices, and a hint of earthiness. With a palate that marries tannic strength with a harmonious balance, it is a wine that speaks of its origins with every sip.

The Riserva, on the other hand, is a wine of contemplation. With an extended aging requirement, it delves deeper into the Aglianico's complexities. Notes of dark cherries, tobacco, and leather emerge, intertwined with a mineral undertone that hints at Taurasi's volcanic soils. Every bottle of Riserva is a journey through time, revealing layers of flavors shaped by years of maturation.


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Taurasi DOCG is an emblematic wine region situated within the heart of Campania, Southern Italy. Revered as one of Italy's viticultural jewels, its landscape is a harmonious blend of natural grandeur and centuries-old winemaking traditions.

Nestled amidst rolling hills, the vineyards of Taurasi cascade down gentle slopes, drawing sustenance from the fertile soils beneath. The terrain varies, with patches of forests interspersed between the vine-clad areas, painting a picture of green serenity. To the discerning eye, the landscape reveals traces of its volcanic origins, with certain zones flaunting distinctive mineral-rich soils that add to the wines' unique character.

The region is framed by distant mountains, which not only add to its scenic beauty but also play a pivotal role in shaping its climate. These natural barriers shield the vineyards from extreme weather patterns, ensuring a microclimate that’s conducive for the Aglianico grape to flourish. Streams and rivulets meander through the valleys, reflecting the azure of the Mediterranean skies and providing a vital water source for the vines.

Taurasi's landscape is more than just a beautiful backdrop; it's an integral part of its winemaking identity. Each contour of the land, every gust of wind, and every drop of rain collectively shape the essence of the wines produced here. It's a place where nature and viticulture are intertwined in a perpetual dance, producing wines that are as evocative as the land from which they spring.

The climate of Taurasi DOCG is a complex interplay between Mediterranean influences and the unique geographical quirks of its landscape, together crafting a viticultural environment that's truly one of a kind.

At its core, Taurasi enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, sun-drenched summers and mild winters. However, it's the subtle variations and nuances brought about by its topography that set this region apart. The presence of surrounding mountains and hills act as natural barriers, shielding the vineyards from the cold northern winds and creating microclimates within the region. This orographic effect ensures a consistent temperature range, crucial for the gradual ripening of the Aglianico grape.

The diurnal temperature variation, a marked difference between day and night temperatures, is another distinctive feature of Taurasi's climate. The warm days ensure the grapes attain optimal sugar levels, while the cooler nights help preserve acidity, a critical factor in producing wines with both structure and freshness.

Rainfall is moderate, with the majority occurring during the winter months. While the summer months are relatively dry, the deep-rooted Aglianico vines tap into underground water reserves, ensuring they receive adequate hydration. Occasional summer storms, though infrequent, provide respite from the heat and an additional source of water.

Furthermore, the region's elevation plays a pivotal role. As one ascends the hillsides, temperatures drop, leading to varied ripening periods within the region. This altitude-induced variation results in a broader spectrum of flavors and aromas in the wines, adding to their complexity.

In essence, the climate of Taurasi DOCG is not just about meteorological data. It's a story of how the sun, wind, rain, and land come together in harmony, nurturing a grape variety that, in turn, tells the tale of its homeland with every sip.

The soils of Taurasi DOCG are a testament to the region's varied geological history, each type adding a unique chapter to the story of its wines. From volcanic origins to marine sediments, the diversity of soils imparts distinct characteristics to the Aglianico grape, resulting in wines with a wide range of aromas, flavors, and textures.

  1. Volcanic Soils: Born from the ashes of ancient eruptions, the volcanic soils are a significant feature of Taurasi. Rich in minerals and trace elements, these soils are well-draining, making them ideal for viticulture. Wines from these terrains often exhibit a pronounced mineral character, with vibrant acidity and a distinct depth of flavor.
  2. Calcareous Clay:Dominated by limestone deposits, these soils have a chalky texture and offer excellent water retention properties. The presence of calcium carbonate contributes to a soil pH that benefits the vines, promoting root development and nutrient uptake. Wines from calcareous clay terrains tend to have a structured palate, with pronounced fruit flavors and an underlying earthiness.
  3. Sandy Soils: Sandy terrains, though less prevalent, play a crucial role in the Taurasi terroir mosaic. These well-aerated soils ensure good drainage, preventing root diseases and allowing for deep rooting. Grapes from sandy plots often yield wines with elegant aromas, softer tannins, and a delicate mouthfeel.
  4. Alluvial Deposits: Found primarily in the valley floors and lower slopes, these soils are a blend of sand, silt, and clay. Formed by the action of water over time, they are rich in organic matter and offer a balanced environment for the vines. Wines from alluvial terrains are typically well-rounded, with a harmonious balance between fruit, acidity, and tannin.


The Aglianico grape, reigning supreme in the Taurasi DOCG, is a visual marvel in the vineyards of Campania. Its clusters are medium-sized, with thick-skinned, deep blue-black berries. The tight bunches and the grape's inherent resilience make it perfectly suited for the region's climate, allowing it to achieve optimal ripeness while warding off diseases. The skin's deep hue is a prelude to the intense colors that the grape imparts to its wines, often resulting in a mesmerizing deep garnet shade in the glass.

Diving into the aromatic and flavor profile of Aglianico from Taurasi is akin to exploring the depths of a rich tapestry woven with history and terroir. On the nose, it beckons with alluring notes of dark cherries, blackberries, and plums, often underscored by a hint of violets. As the wine breathes, more complex aromas emerge, showcasing nuances of leather, tobacco, and an earthy minerality reminiscent of Taurasi's volcanic soils. On the palate, Aglianico does not hold back. It greets with a robust structure, its formidable tannins perfectly balanced by a vibrant acidity. Flavors of dark fruits intertwine with hints of cocoa, licorice, and a whisper of smoky spice, leading to a lingering finish that echoes the land's essence. It's a wine of power and elegance, capturing the soul of southern Italy in every sip.

Taurasi DOCG, renowned for its deep-rooted wine legacy, offers two magnificent expressions of the region's beloved Aglianico grape: the Rosso and Riserva. These wines, though born from the same soil and grape lineage, each convey a distinct narrative of time, terroir, and tradition. Their composition is primarily Aglianico, but they occasionally embrace the character of other authorized non-aromatic red grapes from the region, culminating in blends that are truly reflective of Taurasi's diverse viticultural palette.

  1. Rosso: Holding a minimum alcohol content of 12.0%, the Taurasi Rosso is a wine that exudes vibrancy and grace. With an aging requirement of at least 3 years, of which one is spent in barrels, the Rosso unveils a layered aromatic profile. Dark fruits such as blackberry and plum take center stage, complemented by nuances of dried herbs and a touch of vanilla. On the palate, the wine's robust structure is balanced beautifully by its lively acidity. Subtle undertones of leather, spice, and a hint of cocoa lend depth, making each sip a delightful exploration of Taurasi's terrain.
  2. Riserva: The Riserva stands as a testament to the aging potential and depth of Aglianico. With an alcohol threshold of at least 12.5%, and a more extended aging regimen demanding a minimum of 4 years, 18 months of which are in barrels, this wine is a deep dive into the essence of Taurasi. Its aromatic bouquet is more intense and intricate, showcasing dark cherries, tobacco, and earthy minerals, underscored by a gentle smokiness. On the palate, the Riserva is both powerful and refined. Layers of dark fruit are interwoven with notes of licorice, mocha, and a peppery spice, leading to a finish that lingers, echoing the wine's complexity and the region's rich legacy.

Together, the Rosso and Riserva wines of Taurasi DOCG represent a beautiful duality - one offering a glimpse into the region's youthful charm, and the other, its mature sophistication.