Colli di Rimini

Colli di Rimini

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Nestled within Italy's lush Emilia-Romagna region lies the picturesque Colli di Rimini sub-region, a haven for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This verdant area is sculpted by rolling hills and fertile soil, enriched by a temperate climate that provides the perfect ambiance for grape cultivation.

The tapestry of vineyards that spans across Colli di Rimini paints a vibrant picture of the region's rich viticultural heritage. While a diverse range of grape varieties thrives here, some distinctly dominate the landscape. Among the reds, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese stand out prominently, offering bold flavors that are both intense and reflective of the area's unique terroir. Barbera, Bonarda, Cabernet Franc, Lambrusco, Merlot, and Pinot Nero also flourish, each contributing to the rich palette of red wines that emanate from this region.

As for the whites, the crisp and aromatic profiles of Biancame, Grechetto, Mostosa, and Trebbiano Romagnolo are particularly celebrated. These varieties, together with renowned international grapes like Chardonnay, Malvasia, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc, offer a diverse range of whites that cater to every palate.

The environment of Colli di Rimini, with its harmonious balance between nature and human cultivation, ensures that every grape is a testament to the land from which it hails. It's a region where tradition meets modernity, and every bottle tells a story of the soil, sun, and soul of this enchanting Italian sub-region.


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The Colli di Rimini DOC, located in the Emilia-Romagna wine region, covers wines produced around Rimini and those produced further south, reaching the southernmost tip of Emilia-Romagna.

This DOC has a semi-continental climate, with warm and humid summers, while winters are cold and windy.  In addition, the region receives an average annual rainfall of 645 mm, more concentrated in summer.

The soil, on the other hand, is composed of clay and sand and is alluvial.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Biancame, Grechetto, Mostosa, Trebbiano Romagnolo

In the enchanting wine region of Colli di Rimini, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Emilia-Romagna, a delightful array of red and white wines captivates the palate.

Among the most common red wines, Sangiovese takes center stage. As an Italian classic, Sangiovese thrives in the region's favorable climate and diverse terroirs, yielding wines with rich cherry and red berry flavors. These reds are often balanced with a hint of spice and vibrant acidity, making them an exquisite accompaniment to a variety of dishes.

For white wine enthusiasts, Trebbiano Romagnolo stands tall as a prominent choice. This indigenous grape variety flourishes in Colli di Rimini, offering white wines with a crisp and refreshing character. Expect delicate notes of citrus fruits, floral hints, and a lovely minerality, creating a perfect harmony of flavors.

Both Sangiovese and Trebbiano Romagnolo exemplify the winemaking heritage and terroir of Colli di Rimini, enchanting wine enthusiasts with each sip. The region's winemakers, dedicated to preserving traditional practices, craft wines that reflect the beauty and soul of this captivating Italian wine region.

As Colli di Rimini wines continue to garner recognition, they offer a compelling invitation to explore the depths of Emilia-Romagna's viticultural treasures. These wines are a must-try for anyone seeking an authentic taste of the region's winemaking mastery.