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Rosazzo DOCG, situated in the heart of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, stands as a testament to Italy's rich viticultural tapestry. Nestled amidst undulating hills and benefiting from the region's unique position between the Adriatic Sea and the towering Alps, Rosazzo offers an enviable environment that marries the maritime breezes with alpine freshness. This harmonious interplay creates a microclimate that's both dynamic and nurturing, ideal for the cultivation of grapevines.

At the heart of Rosazzo's vinous legacy is the Friulano grape, an indigenous variety that encapsulates the essence of the region. Friulano thrives in the local terroir, drawing from the soils and climate to produce wines of remarkable character and elegance.

The Bianco wines of Rosazzo, primarily crafted from the Friulano grape, resonate with a sense of place. These wines, often characterized by their aromatic intensity and structured palate, offer notes of green apple, almond, and subtle florals. Their refreshing acidity, combined with a mineral backbone, makes them a delightful representation of Rosazzo's distinct landscape and climatic influences.

In every sip of Rosazzo DOCG Bianco, one can trace the journey from the vine to the bottle, experiencing the rich traditions, the meticulous care, and the unparalleled passion that defines this remarkable wine region.


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Nestled in the heart of Italy's northeastern Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Rosazzo DOCG is a wine lover's dream realized in the idyllic tapestry of nature. The region is graced with undulating hills, each a sentinel watching over the centuries-old tradition of winemaking. These hills, draped in lush green vineyards, seem to rhythmically rise and fall, echoing the heartbeat of this historic land.

The Rosazzo landscape is an evocative blend of nature's bounty and human dedication. Ancient monasteries and rustic farmhouses dot the horizon, reminiscent of a time when the bond between the land and its stewards was sacrosanct. The vineyards, meticulously tended, cascade down the slopes, basking in the sun's glow and cooling under the gentle touch of the evening breeze.

Beyond the vine-covered hills, one finds dense pockets of forests, their canopies providing shelter to a plethora of native flora and fauna. These wooded areas act as nature's guardians, ensuring that the ecological balance of the region remains undisturbed.

To the south, one senses the subtle influence of the Adriatic Sea. Although not immediately visible, its presence is felt in the gentle maritime breezes that sweep across the vineyards, moderating the daytime warmth and contributing to the region's unique microclimate.

In essence, the landscape of Rosazzo DOCG is a harmonious fusion of the rugged beauty of the Italian hillsides and the serene elegance of its vineyards, a testament to nature's grandeur and mankind's enduring relationship with the land.

Rosazzo DOCG's climate weaves a captivating tale of nature's balance. Nestled close to the Adriatic Sea, the region enjoys a gentle maritime embrace. The sea's proximity tempers the land's extremities, ensuring the vineyards are caressed by balmy breezes in the summer and shielded from the harshness of frost in milder winters.

Yet, as the gentle sea breezes play their role, the towering Alps to the north stand as silent guardians, shielding the vineyards from cold northern onslaughts. This dual influence crafts a climate where the warmth of the sea meets the protective cool of the mountains.

One of Rosazzo's most enchanting climatic tales is told as the sun sets. The pronounced diurnal temperature variation sees warm days giving way to cooler nights. While the daytime sun ripens the grapes, drawing out their sugars and flavors, the nights retain the grapes' refreshing acidity, ensuring wines of vitality and zest.

Rain graces the region in soft, measured cadences. The hillside vineyards, with their natural inclination, harness this blessing, channeling away excess, and ensuring the vines thrive but are never overwhelmed.

And in this balanced embrace of sun, sea, mountain, and rain, the grapes of Rosazzo enjoy a leisurely dance with time. An extended growing season lets them linger longer, teasing out flavors and aromas, creating wines that sing of their unique terroir and the harmonious climate that cradled them.

The terroir of Rosazzo DOCG is a testament to nature's diverse palette, each type of soil contributing its unique essence to the wines of this distinguished region. This varied soil composition, sculpted over millennia, has become one of the defining pillars of Rosazzo's viticultural identity.

  1. Marl and Sandstone: Dominating much of the Rosazzo landscape, the marl and sandstone soils, often referred to as "Ponca" in the local vernacular, are pivotal in shaping the character of the region's wines. Rich in minerals and offering excellent drainage capabilities, these soils stress the vines just enough to encourage deep root growth. This results in wines with pronounced minerality and a distinct sense of place.
  2. Clayey Loam: In certain pockets of Rosazzo, clayey loam soils take precedence. These soils, with their moisture-retentive properties, play a vital role in regulating water supply to the vines, especially during drier periods. Wines from these terrains tend to exhibit a richer texture and a fuller body, often with dark fruit profiles and a touch of earthiness.
  3. Alluvial Deposits: Closer to the region's waterways, one encounters soils marked by alluvial deposits. A mix of sand, silt, and clay, these soils are the remnants of ancient riverbeds and floodplains. They provide a well-aerated environment for the vines, promoting healthy root growth and ensuring balanced nutrient uptake. Wines hailing from these soils are often aromatic and vibrant, showcasing a delicate balance between fruit and acidity.
  4. Limestone Outcrops: Scattered throughout Rosazzo are patches of limestone-rich soils. These alkaline terrains, known for their ability to regulate pH levels, contribute to the production of wines with striking aromatic complexity and crisp acidity. The inherent minerality of limestone also imparts a unique flinty note to the wines, adding to their layered palate.


In the vineyards of Rosazzo DOCG, amidst the verdant landscapes of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the Friulano grape stands proudly, embodying the region's rich viticultural heritage. Bearing clusters of medium size, the Friulano grape is easily recognizable by its bright green-yellow hue. The berries are typically plump, with a thick skin that safeguards the juicy pulp within. This physical resilience of the grape, combined with its inherent vibrancy, reflects its adaptability and thriving nature in the unique terroir of Rosazzo.

Diving deeper into the sensory journey offered by the Friulano grape, its aromatic profile unveils a captivating blend of freshness and complexity. On the nose, it exudes delicate floral notes, reminiscent of wildflowers and acacia, intertwined with hints of fresh orchard fruits, particularly green apple and pear. Upon tasting, these aromas gracefully evolve, unveiling a layered palate marked by nuances of almond and citrus zest. The grape's natural acidity ensures a crisp and refreshing finish, while its subtle minerality, a nod to Rosazzo's distinct soils, provides an elegant backbone. The resulting wines, characterized by their harmonious balance and depth, are a true testament to the potential and character of the Friulano grape in the Rosazzo DOCG.

The rolling vineyards of Rosazzo DOCG produce one of Italy's standout white wines: the Rosazzo Bianco. A symphony of grape varieties, this wine is a masterful blend of the region's best. At its heart is the indigenous Friulano grape, lending its distinctive character and regional essence. Complementing the Friulano are the nuanced expressions of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and/or Pinot Bianco, each contributing to the wine's layered complexity. Ribolla Gialla adds a touch of tradition and depth, while a small inclusion of other authorized white grapes further refines the blend, crafting a wine that is both unique and representative of Rosazzo's terroir.

The aromatic and flavor profiles of the Rosazzo Bianco are as intricate as its grape composition. Unveiling itself with a delicate bouquet of white flowers, fresh fruits, and subtle herbs, the wine beckons with promises of a sensory journey. On the palate, it delivers with rich flavors of green apple, citrus, and almond, nuanced by hints of tropical fruits from the Sauvignon Blanc and a touch of creaminess from the Chardonnay. Its minimum alcohol content of 12.0% ensures the wine's body remains elegant, while the extended aging, a minimum of approximately 18 months, imparts depth and maturity. The finish, long and refreshing, leaves a lingering impression of Rosazzo's unparalleled landscape and winemaking prowess.