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Sicily, an island cradled by the Mediterranean, offers a captivating viticultural landscape under the Sicily DOC designation, a testament to the island's rich winemaking heritage. The undulating terrains, kissed by the sun and caressed by sea breezes, create an idyllic backdrop for vine cultivation. The dramatic slopes of Mount Etna, Europe's largest active volcano, provide a unique terroir that infuses the grapes with distinct mineral notes.

Among the vibrant array of grape varieties that call Sicily home, a few stand tall as the most iconic. For reds, the island boasts the sultry Nerello Cappuccio and the expressive Nerello Mascalese, both primarily grown on the volcanic slopes of Etna. However, it's the robust and fruit-forward Nero d’Avola that is often synonymous with Sicilian reds, revealing flavors that capture the essence of the Mediterranean.

On the white grape front, the zesty Grillo takes prominence, often producing wines with a crisp, citrusy profile. Catarratto, one of the island's ancient varieties, offers wines with hints of apple and almond. Meanwhile, the coastal vines give rise to the aromatic Ansonica and the versatile Grecanico Dorato, each contributing to the diverse palate of Sicilian white wines.

In Sicily DOC, the harmonious interplay between nature and tradition crafts wines that are as enchanting as the landscape from which they emerge.



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The DOC Sicily covers the entire territory of the Sicilian wine region and has an area of 24600 ha. In this DOC, the Consorzio di Tutela DOC Sicilia is key to ensure the high quality of the wines produced in the region.

In this DOC, the climate is Mediterranean, with a certain tendency to aridity. Temperatures range from a minimum of 9°C to a maximum of 18°C, and can reach temperatures of over 30°C during the hottest summer months.

Throughout the island of Sicily a type of soil known as calcium carbonate predominates, which helps to keep the vineyards cool and does not have a high water retention.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Nerello Cappuccio, Nerello Mascalese, Nero d’Avola

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Grillo, Catarratto, Ansonica, Grecanico Dorato.

In the picturesque landscapes of Sicily, the Sicilia DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) gives rise to a delightful trio of wines - Sicily Bianco, Sicily Rosso, and Sicily Rosato.

Sicily Bianco is a captivating white wine crafted with a blend of native grape varieties, including Ansonica, Catarratto, Chardonnay, Grecanico Dorato, and Grillo. These grapes unite to create a symphony of flavors, unveiling citrus and tropical fruit notes, often with a touch of floral elegance. This refreshing and versatile wine pairs gracefully with seafood dishes and light Mediterranean fare, making it an ideal choice for warm days and relaxed gatherings.

Next, Sicily Rosso enchants with its harmonious red blend, led by a minimum of 50% Frappato, Nerello Mascalese, Nero d'Avola (also known as Calabrese), Perricone, or Syrah, and complemented by other authorized red grape varieties. The resulting wine showcases a spectrum of red fruit flavors, hints of spice, and supple tannins. Sicily Rosso's medium to full body and vibrant character make it a versatile partner for a wide range of Italian cuisine, from pasta dishes to grilled meats.

Completing the trio, Sicily Rosato offers a delightful rosé experience, mirroring the composition of Sicily Rosso. Blending Frappato, Nerello Mascalese, Nero d'Avola, Perricone, or Syrah, along with other authorized red grapes, Sicily Rosato exudes a charming pink hue and a lively bouquet of red berries and delicate floral accents. This invigorating and refreshing rosé wine is a perfect companion for al fresco dining and moments of relaxation.

In the heart of Sicily, the Sicilia DOC weaves a tapestry of wines that speak of the island's diverse terroir and winemaking expertise. Each glass captures the essence of Sicily's sun-kissed lands, inviting wine enthusiasts on a journey of discovery through the flavors and traditions of this captivating corner of Italy.