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Nestled on the southeastern coast of Sicily, Siracusa DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) is a wine region that beautifully marries the rich historical legacy of the island with its natural blessings. Enveloped by the Mediterranean Sea's gentle breezes, the region's terroir boasts a climate ideal for viticulture: warm days, moderated by maritime influences, and cooler nights, ensuring a balanced maturation for the grapes.

At the heart of Siracusa DOC's oenological character are its grape varieties. The reds are primarily dominated by Nero d’Avola, a native Sicilian grape known for producing wines with deep ruby colors, aromatic bouquets, and flavors of ripe cherries and plums. Syrah, with its spicy and black fruit profile, finds a second home here, complementing the local character with international flair. Frappato, another indigenous variety, brings a lighter touch with its floral and berry notes, often blended to achieve a harmonious elegance in the wines.

On the white side, Grillo stands out, presenting fresh, zesty wines with hints of tropical fruit and herbs, reflecting the sun-drenched environment it thrives in. Moscato Bianco, one of Italy's ancient grapes, finds its expression in Siracusa as aromatic, sweet wines, reminiscent of honeysuckle and citrus, perfect as an aperitif or with desserts.

Siracusa DOC, through its environment and celebrated grape varieties, offers a wine experience that is a testament to Sicily's enduring romance with viticulture.


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Syracuse, or Siracusa in Italian, is located in southeastern Sicily, centered around the city of the same name. To the east and southeast it borders the Strait of Messina, while to the south and southwest it borders the wine region of Noto. The region is known for its historical significance. It boasts a rich winemaking heritage that dates back centuries, making it a fascinating place for wine enthusiasts to explore.

Situated along the picturesque coastline of the Ionian Sea, the Siracusa wine region benefits from a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild, providing an ideal environment for grape cultivation. The cooling sea breezes and the region's varied microclimates contribute to the complexity and diversity of the wines produced here.

The terroir of the Siracusa wine region is characterized by a variety of soil types. The vineyards are planted on soils ranging from limestone-rich and calcareous soils to sandy and clayey compositions. These soil variations impart distinct characteristics to the wines, adding to their complexity and unique flavor profiles.

On the other hand, the soil of this region has different components. The most predominant are clay, limestone, volcanic ash and calcareous earth.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Nero d’Avola, Syrah and Frappato

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Grillo and Moscato Bianco

In the enchanting wine region of Siracusa, Sicily, three exquisite wines shine bright - Siracusa Rosso, Siracusa Bianco, and Siracusa Spumante.

Siracusa Rosso captures the essence of the sun-kissed vineyards, crafted with a minimum of 65% Nero d'Avola, also known as Calabrese. This captivating red wine reveals a medley of ripe red fruit flavors and a touch of spice, showcasing the mastery of Sicilian winemaking. Enriched with other authorized red grapes, Siracusa Rosso delights the palate with its medium-bodied profile, soft tannins, and a lingering finish.

Siracusa Bianco exudes elegance with its harmonious blend of grape varieties. Embracing a minimum of 40% Moscato Bianco, it presents delightful floral and fruity notes, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean landscape. Complemented by other authorized white grapes, Siracusa Bianco enchants with its fresh and vibrant character, offering a symphony of flavors to savor.

Meanwhile, Siracusa Spumante adds a touch of celebration to the mix. Dominated by a minimum of 85% Moscato Bianco, this sparkling wine dazzles with its effervescence and aromatic allure. Enveloped by other authorized aromatic white grapes, Siracusa Spumante delights the senses with its lively bubbles and vivacious personality.

In the heart of Siracusa, these wines epitomize the artistry of winemaking and the diversity of Sicilian terroir. Each sip transports wine enthusiasts to the enchanting landscapes of Sicily, inviting them to embrace the traditions and flavors of this captivating corner of Italy.