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The Bagnoli Friularo DOCG stands as a testament to the rich viticultural heritage of Italy, specifically in the Veneto region. Formerly nestled within the Bagnoli di Sopra DOC, this wine-growing area achieved independent recognition in 2011 when it was designated as a separate DOCG. This elevation to the highest classification underscores the exceptional quality of wines produced in this region.

Renowned for its commitment to quality over quantity, the Bagnoli Friularo DOCG boasts an average annual wine production of approximately 1,530 hectoliters. This modest output is a deliberate choice, allowing producers to focus on meticulous vineyard management and a hands-on winemaking process that results in wines of unparalleled distinction.

The unique terroir of Bagnoli Friularo plays a pivotal role in crafting these exceptional wines. The region's climate, soil composition, and topography contribute to the cultivation of native Friularo grapes, which are carefully nurtured to embody the essence of the land. With a nod to tradition and an eye toward innovation, winemakers combine time-honored techniques with modern advancements to produce wines that honor their heritage while embracing the future.



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The Bagnoli Friularo DOCG is nestled in the northeastern part of Italy, within the Veneto region. It spans the picturesque area around the town of Bagnoli di Sopra and its surroundings. Ensuring the quality and tradition of these exquisite wines, the Consorzio Vini DOC Bagnoli plays a pivotal role in preserving the rich heritage of the Bagnoli Friularo DOCG.

The Bagnoli Friularo DOCG region enjoys a temperate climate shaped by its proximity to the Adriatic Sea and the influence of the Venetian Prealps. This combination results in distinct seasonal variations. Summers are generally warm, benefiting from the cooling breezes from the sea and the nearby mountains. Winters are relatively mild, with the Prealps providing protection from harsh northern winds. These climatic conditions create a favorable environment for grape cultivation, with temperature moderation contributing to the development of balanced flavors and acidity.

The soils of the Bagnoli Friularo DOCG are as diverse as they are rich in character. The region boasts various soil types that contribute to the distinctiveness of its wines:

  1. Clay and Silt: These soil types offer good water retention, ensuring that the vines have access to moisture even during the warm summer months. The clay content also contributes to the development of wines with structure and depth.
  2. Limestone: Limestone-rich soils are renowned for their excellent drainage properties. This helps prevent waterlogging and encourages healthy root growth. Limestone soils often impart wines with a vibrant acidity and minerality.
  3. Alluvial Deposits: In some areas, alluvial soils brought by ancient riverbeds contribute to the diversity of terroir. These soils can lead to wines with a softer texture and nuanced characteristics.

The combination of these soil types, along with the climate and topography of the region, creates a rich tapestry that influences the grapes grown and the resulting wine profiles. The terroir's intricate interplay results in wines that showcase the essence of Bagnoli's winemaking heritage.


The Raboso grape, a distinguished and captivating variety indigenous to the Bagnoli Friularo DOCG, stands as a symbol of the region's viticultural excellence. Renowned for its deep historical roots and its significant contribution to the local winemaking heritage, the Raboso grape has become an integral part of the identity of Bagnoli Friularo.

This unique grape variety, known for its thick skins and intense color, thrives in the distinct terroir of Bagnoli Friularo. The region's combination of clay-rich soils, favorable microclimate, and the nurturing embrace of the Adriatic Sea's breezes provide the ideal conditions for the Raboso grape to reach its full potential.

Winemakers in the Bagnoli Friularo DOCG understand the intrinsic qualities of the Raboso grape and craft wines that showcase its character. The resulting wines display a remarkable balance between boldness and elegance. With its vibrant acidity, robust tannins, and complex flavors that often include dark berries, plum, and earthy undertones, Raboso wines from Bagnoli Friularo exhibit a unique personality that appeals to both traditionalists and modern wine enthusiasts.

The commitment to preserving the authenticity of the Raboso grape has made it a cornerstone of the Bagnoli Friularo DOCG's winemaking philosophy. As a result, the wines produced from this grape variety proudly carry the essence of the region's history, culture, and terroir.

The Bagnoli Friularo DOCG offers an array of captivating red wines that epitomize the rich viticultural heritage of the region. These wines, including Rosso, Riserva, Vendemmia Tardiva, and Passito, showcase the Raboso Piave grape (locally known as Friularo) in all its grandeur, creating a tapestry of flavors and textures that embody the essence of Bagnoli's winemaking tradition.

Rosso and Riserva wines are a testament to the intrinsic qualities of Raboso Piave. Comprising a minimum of 90% Raboso Piave, complemented by Other Authorized Red Grapes, these wines are bold and distinctive. The blend exudes the grape's characteristic tannins and rich flavors, intertwined with the contributions of other varieties. Rosso offers a glimpse into Raboso's youthful vigor, while Riserva undergoes a more extended aging process, including a minimum of 12 months in barrel. These wines present notes of dark fruits, spices, and an alluring depth, showcasing the unique terroir of Bagnoli.

Vendemmia Tardiva, on the other hand, captures the allure of late-harvested Raboso Piave grapes. To meet its standards, at least 60% of the grapes must be harvested after November 11, reflecting the profound impact of prolonged maturation on the flavors. The blend, comprising a minimum of 90% Raboso Piave, combined with Other Authorized Red Grapes, yields a wine with intense concentration. The presence of dried grapes, up to a maximum of 50%, adds a luscious complexity. Vendemmia Tardiva offers a symphony of flavors, ranging from ripe fruit to nuanced spices, culminating in a harmonious finish.

Finally, Passito wines exemplify the artistry of Bagnoli's winemakers. With a minimum of 90% Raboso Piave, enriched by Other Authorized Red Grapes, Passito embodies a labor of love. The process involves air-drying the grapes, leading to concentrated sugars and flavors. After an aging period of approximately 2 years in barrel, Passito wines emerge with a complexity that marries sweetness with depth. Notes of dried fruits, honey, and spices unfold, revealing the potential of Raboso Piave to transcend tradition.

The Bagnoli Friularo DOCG red wines seamlessly unite tradition and innovation. Guided by meticulous regulations, these wines celebrate the Raboso Piave grape, reflecting the local terroir and the craftsmanship of the winemakers. From the youthful allure of Rosso to the refined elegance of Riserva, the late-harvest magic of Vendemmia Tardiva, and the seductive complexity of Passito, each wine tells a story of dedication and a deep-rooted connection to the land.