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The Piave DOC, also known as Vini del piave DOC, is nestled in the enchanting Veneto region of northeastern Italy and is a wine lover's paradise that offers a taste of both tradition and innovation. This captivating wine region stretches along the banks of the Piave River, creating a unique microclimate that contributes to the production of exceptional wines. With its rich history dating back centuries, the Piave DOC has firmly established itself as a hub of viticulture and oenological excellence.

The Piave DOC boasts a diverse landscape, with rolling hills, fertile plains, and a temperate climate that is greatly influenced by its proximity to the Adriatic Sea. This environment provides the perfect conditions for grape cultivation, allowing for a wide range of grape varieties to thrive. Among these, the most planted red grape variety is Merlot, known for its versatility and ability to produce elegant, medium-bodied wines with hints of plum and cherry.

On the white wine front, Glera reigns supreme in the Piave wine appellation. This grape variety is the cornerstone of Italy's most famous sparkling wine, Prosecco, which originates from this very region. Glera vines flourish in Piave's gentle breezes and well-drained soils, giving birth to sparkling wines with vibrant acidity and delightful notes of green apple and pear.

The Piave DOC's remarkable combination of geography, climate, and grape varieties culminates in wines that capture the essence of the region's terroir. Whether you're savoring a Merlot or raising a glass of Prosecco, the Piave DOC promises a delightful journey through the flavors of Veneto's picturesque landscape.



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Along the Piave river, a medium-low plain is covered by the Piave DOC, that is part of the Veneto wine region. It reaches the city of Treviso and the boundary with the Friuli region in addition to bordering Montello to the north and the Venezia lagoon to the south. In this DOC, the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Venezia is key to mantain the high-quality and reputation of the wines produced within the region. An interesting fact about this wine region is that, until 2010, the Piave Malanotte DOCG was part of the Piave DOC.

The climate in this area is moderate. Its winters are not very frigid, but its summers are sweltering. The area has evenly distributed rainfall all year round. Rainfall is more concentrated in the regions closest to the Sierras, whereas it diminishes in the southern regions. The north also has a higher diurnal temperature variance than the south because to fresh air currents.

The Piave wine region's soil consists of a mix of alluvial and clay soils. The alluvial deposits are ideal for viticulture, contributing to the region's ability to grow a wide range of grape varieties. The clay soils provide excellent water retention, ensuring vine health during dry periods, and adding to the wines' complexity and character.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Merlot

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Glera

The Piave wine region graces us with a delightful array of red and white wines that embody the essence of this charming landscape.

In the realm of red wines, the Piave region shines with its most common grape variety, Merlot. Embracing the sun-drenched slopes, Merlot vines yield wines of alluring depth and velvety textures. Bursting with rich flavors of ripe plum and black cherry, these reds enchant the palate with their velvety softness, pairing gracefully with a variety of dishes and cuisines.

As for the white wines, Glera, also known as Prosecco, reigns supreme. This vibrant grape thrives in the region's fertile soils, giving rise to sparkling wines that dance upon the tongue. With its lively effervescence and tantalizing notes of green apple and citrus, Glera embodies the spirit of celebration and is a beloved choice for toasts and moments of joy.

The Piave wine region's wines encapsulate the devotion of local winemakers and the harmony between nature and craft. From the enticing Merlot reds to the vivacious Glera sparklers, each bottle beckons you to savor the bounty of this exquisite land. In addition, the region produces other enchanting wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

With its picturesque landscapes and a dedication to winemaking tradition, the Piave wine region invites wine enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a captivating journey of flavors. Whether indulging in the richness of Merlot or raising a glass of effervescent Glera, the wines of Piave weave a tale of passion and terroir that will leave an indelible mark on your senses.