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45° 26' 3.12" N


45° 26' 3.12" N




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Nestled within the picturesque Veneto region of northern Italy, the Soave Superiore DOCG stands as a testament to the harmonious union of natural beauty and fine winemaking. Enveloped by rolling hills and lush landscapes, this enchanting wine region is renowned for producing exceptional white wines that have captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

The region's diverse landscapes, ranging from low valleys to hillside slopes, contribute to the nuanced characteristics of its wines. Soave Superiore offers a symphony of flavors, with its flagship Garganega grape taking center stage. Garganega's vibrant acidity and delicate aromatics flourish under the Mediterranean sun, yielding wines that are both elegant and expressive.

Soave Superiore DOCG encompasses different styles, including dry, fresh Soave Classico and the richer, more complex Soave Superiore. This latter category showcases the region's prowess, boasting wines that mature gracefully with age, revealing layers of depth and intricate textures.

Elegant and refined, Soave Superiore is a testament to the region's dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovation. Whether enjoyed amidst the tranquil vineyards or shared at tables around the world, these wines exemplify the artistry of winemaking within the captivating backdrop of the Soave Superiore DOCG.

And integral to the preservation of the region's rich wine heritage and the consistent delivery of high-quality wines is the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Soave. This consortium, dedicated and vigilant, acts as a guardian for the Soave Superiore DOCG, ensuring that each bottle reflects the true essence and unparalleled standards of the region. Through their efforts, the legacy of Soave Superiore is not only maintained but celebrated, as they bridge the gap between time-honored traditions and contemporary excellence.



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The Soave Superiore DOCG is located within the enchanting Veneto region of northern Italy. It graces the landscape with its presence, nestled amidst rolling hills and serene slopes that are adorned with meticulously tended vineyards. Embraced by the tranquility of the Italian countryside, this viticultural haven showcases a range of elevations, with vineyards adorning both low valleys and elevated hillsides.

The climate in this region carries the touch of the Mediterranean sun, fostering the growth of grapes that thrive under its warmth. The soils underfoot offer their unique stories, echoing the vine's journey from root to fruit. Volcanic origins and mineral-rich compositions contribute to the terroir, shaping the wines with their distinct identities.

As you explore the Soave Superiore DOCG, you'll discover a harmonious blend of nature and human craftsmanship. This region is celebrated for producing wines that mirror the essence of the land. In every glass of Soave Superiore wine, you'll find a reflection of this captivating landscape that has been transformed into a liquid work of art.

The Soave Superiore DOCG boasts a climate that is uniquely suited to crafting exceptional wines in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Nestled within this enchanting landscape, the climate is influenced by both its geographical location and its proximity to the surrounding features.

Throughout the growing season, which spans from spring to early fall, the Soave Superiore DOCG experiences distinct day-night temperature fluctuations. This interplay between warm days and cool nights fosters the gradual maturation of grapes, allowing for the development of intricate flavors and aromatic nuances. The balance achieved by these temperature shifts maintains the grapes' acidity, lending a refreshing vitality to the resulting wines.

Winter graces the region with cold temperatures, occasionally dipping below freezing and sometimes dusting the landscape with snow. Spring's gentle embrace brings gradual warmth, signaling the awakening of the vines from their dormancy and initiating the delicate process of bud break.

As summer unfurls, the Soave Superiore DOCG vineyards benefit from warm temperatures. However, the elevated altitudes of these vineyards—ranging from approximately 100 to 300 meters (328 to 984 feet) above sea level—serve as a natural buffer against excessive heat. This elevation, coupled with the tempering influence of the surrounding features, ensures that the grapes mature gradually, preserving their acidity and nurturing the evolution of complex flavors.

Autumn heralds a pivotal period for grape harvest, as temperatures begin to cool once again. The continuation of day-night temperature variations ensures that the grapes attain optimal ripeness, shaping the intricate flavor profiles that are characteristic of Soave Superiore wines.

Rainfall in the region is moderate, with annual amounts ranging from approximately 600 to 800 millimeters (24 to 31 inches). The distribution of rainfall across the seasons contributes to consistent vine growth and the development of healthy, flavorful grapes.

In essence, the climate of the Soave Superiore DOCG harmoniously weaves together a symphony of temperature shifts, elevation, and precipitation. This orchestration, in collaboration with the region's unique terroir, bestows upon the wines their distinctive qualities, making Soave Superiore wines a testament to the captivating marriage between nature and craftsmanship.

The soils of the Soave Superiore DOCG are a mosaic of diversity, each telling a story of the land's intricate geology. These soils contribute to the nuanced flavors and aromas that characterize the wines of the region. Here, the earth beneath the vines is a tapestry of historical and geological influences, shaping the very essence of Soave Superiore wines.

  1. Volcanic Origins: A significant portion of the Soave Superiore vineyards rest upon volcanic soils, remnants of ancient volcanic activity. These soils are rich in minerals and contribute a distinct minerality to the wines. Volcanic origins lend complexity to the flavor profiles, with subtle hints of ash and minerals interwoven with the fruit's expression.
  2. Limestone and Marl: Other parts of the region are adorned with limestone and marl soils. These calcareous compositions contribute to the wines' structure and elegance. Limestone soils offer excellent drainage, promoting healthy vine growth and allowing the vines to delve deep for nutrients. This, in turn, contributes to wines with finesse and a balanced acidity.
  3. Basalt and Tuff: Basalt and tuff soils are also present, offering a different facet to the terroir. These soils, formed from volcanic rock and ash, lend wines an underlying complexity, often revealing themselves through layers of spice and texture. The porous nature of basalt and tuff allows for water retention while ensuring good drainage, cultivating healthy vines.
  4. Clay: Clay soils are yet another variation found within the region. These soils retain moisture and offer a stable water supply to the vines, especially during drier periods. The interaction between clay and the vines translates into wines with body and depth, showcasing well-rounded textures.
  5. Sand and Silt: Sand and silt soils round out the diverse spectrum. These soils promote drainage and create ideal conditions for root penetration. Wines originating from these soils tend to exhibit a fresher, more approachable character.

Ultimately, the varied soils of the Soave Superiore DOCG contribute to a rich tapestry of flavors, textures, and aromas in the wines. As the vines reach deep into the earth, they absorb the essence of the land, and that connection finds its expression in every glass of Soave Superiore wine.


Most Planted White Grape Varietals:

Garganega is undoubtedly the star variety in the DOCG Soave Superiore. This indigenous, thick-skinned variety manages to convey great acidity and intense fruity notes, including peach, honeydew and tangerine. You may even detect some saline notes. 

In addition to the Garganega variety, there are other varieties that accompany this noble variety in Soave Superiore wines, endowing them with aromatic complexity and flavor:

Trebbiano: this variety, also native to Italy, is another component of the Soave Superiore wines, and is highly valued because it has a profile that harmonizes very well with Garganega. Not only does it bring a refreshing touch to the wines of the region, but it also tends to give them some mineral notes, given by the volcanic and loamy soils of the region.  

Chardonnay: this international variety is another common in the wines of Soave Superiore, and is highly appreciated due to the contrast of flavors with the Garganega and Trebbiano varieties, giving the wines complexity. Within its profile, you will find fruity notes that will remind you of lemon, yellow apple or even honeydew.

The wines of Soave Superiore DOCG epitomize a realm of excellence and character. Often hailed as the apex of the region's winemaking artistry, Soave Superiore wines captivate the senses with their distinctive qualities. These wines, known for their elegance and complexity, reflect the interplay of terroir, grape varietals, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Soave Superiore: This category showcases the pinnacle of Soave winemaking. Crafted from the indigenous Garganega grape, Soave Superiore wines boast a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas. Their characteristic acidity and layered notes of ripe fruit, floral nuances, and minerality make them a harmonious embodiment of the region's terroir. These wines mature gracefully, gaining depth and complexity over time.

Soave Superiore Riserva: Representing the apex of Soave's expression, the Riserva wines emerge from select vineyards and exemplary vintages. Elevated through extended aging, these wines evolve into intricate symphonies of flavor. Their remarkable depth, enhanced by the passage of time, paints a vivid picture of the region's history and dedication to refinement.

In the Soave Superiore DOCG, the harmony between tradition and innovation shapes wines of timeless allure. The combination of Garganega's finesse and the dedication of vintners results in wines that embody the essence of the land, inviting enthusiasts on a journey through the heart of this esteemed Italian wine region.