Consorzio Valsesia

Consorzio Valsesia

Nestled between the tranquil Monte Fenera Park, the vine-clad hills of Gattinara to the south, and the towering Monte Rosa to the north, lies the enchanting Valsesia valley. A jewel of Piedmont, it stretches gracefully south of Monte Rosa, making it an alpine valley in close proximity to Milan and readily accessible from the plains of Lombardy and Piedmont. With its sprawling landscapes that shift from gentle hills to the imposing alpine heights, peaking at 4554 m at Punta Gnifetti, Valsesia boasts a unique natural tapestry that bestows an unparalleled richness upon its agricultural bounty.

To a wine enthusiast, Valsesia whispers tales of terroir and tradition. Every vine that thrives here, especially the ones producing the renowned wines of Gattinara and Boca, carries with it the essence of the valley – an interplay of purity, heterogeneity, and the soulful character of the Valsesian terrains. But the valley's treasures don't stop at wines. Journey from its hills to the glacial pastures of Monte Rosa, and you'll discover a plethora of genuine flavors: traditional dairy delicacies like toma, mascarpa, and fresh cheeses, succulent meats, and sausages from locally reared livestock, and the sweet nectar of mountain honey. Each product is a testament to the resilience of Valsesia's people and the bountiful generosity of its landscapes.

However, the true essence of a region often gets muddled in the vast global marketplace. It's here that the Consorzio Valsesia steps in, acting as a beacon of authenticity. Recognizing the challenges faced by small mountain producers, who often grapple with the shadow of industrial products masquerading as local, the Consortium is steadfast in its commitment to educate. Their mission is not only to celebrate the genuine agricultural marvels of Valsesia but to ensure consumers can discern, demand, and delight in the true essence of this remarkable valley. Through their endeavors, the Consortium aspires to ensure that when you indulge in a product of Valsesia, whether it's savoring a glass of Gattinara or relishing a slice of toma, you're truly imbibing the spirit of the valley itself.

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