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Tucked away in the northwestern corners of Italy lies the Boca DOC, a region celebrated for its intoxicating wines and breathtaking landscapes. The region’s allure is not just in its world-class wines but also in the harmonious relationship between its vineyards and the environment. Gentle rolling hills juxtaposed with steep terrains paint a dramatic landscape that has, over centuries, been sculpted by nature and human hands alike.

The terroir here is distinct, creating an environment where specific grape varieties thrive. The king of reds in Boca is undoubtedly the Nebbiolo grape, revered for its elegant structure and aromatic complexity. Complementing Nebbiolo are the Vespolina and Bonarda novarese grapes. While Vespolina imparts a delicate spiciness to the wines, Bonarda novarese offers pleasant fruity nuances, creating a unique blend that speaks volumes of the region's viticultural heritage.

On the white wine front, Erbaluce stands out as the region’s crown jewel. With its crisp acidity and tantalizing aromas of green apple and citrus, it represents the very essence of Boca's white winemaking tradition.

Every sip of a Boca DOC wine is a journey into the heart of this enchanting region. As the liquid graces the palate, one cannot help but be reminded of the symbiotic balance between nature's bounty and the dedicated hands of the Boca vignerons. This is the magic of Boca DOC – a testament to the power of environment and passion in crafting legendary wines.



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The Boca DOC is located in the Piedmont wine region of Italy, and covers vineyards in the entire municipality of Boca and parts of Maggiora, Cavallirio, Prato Sesia and Grignasco. Here, the Consorzio Valsesia as well as the Consorzio di Tutela Nebbioli Alto Piemonte are key to maintain the high quality standards of the wines produced in the DOC.

The region is characterized by a marked difference in temperature between day and night, thanks to the influence of air currents from the north. However, the proximity to Monte Fenera prevents these currents from affecting the vineyards too much. For this reason, winters and springs are mild, while autumns and summers are warm and sunny.

The morainic soil of the region derives from Monte Rosa. It is composed mainly of clay, sand, granite boulders, porphyry and flakes of dolomitic rocks of Fenera.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Bonarda novarese

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Erbaluce

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Piedmont, Italy, the Boca wine region boasts a treasure trove of red and white wines that captivate the senses. Despite its smaller size and lesser-known status, Boca shines as a hidden gem, cherished by wine enthusiasts for its unique expressions and impeccable craftsmanship. The Consorzio Valsesia, the guardian of Boca's winemaking traditions, plays a pivotal role in preserving and promoting the unique viticultural heritage of this region.

The heart of the Boca wine region beats with the distinguished Nebbiolo grape, infusing its red wines with unmistakable allure. Boca DOCG wines take center stage, celebrated for their intense character and profound complexity. Deep garnet hues set the stage for a symphony of aromas, from roses and violets to red berries and licorice. The palate experiences a harmonious interplay of flavors, revealing hints of tobacco, leather, and earth. With firm tannins and a lasting finish, Boca reds promise graceful aging potential, enchanting connoisseurs with each sip.

While Nebbiolo reigns supreme, the whites of Boca embrace a captivating elegance of their own. The Erbaluce grape, native to the region, finds its spotlight in the Boca DOC. Glistening in the glass with pale gold hues, these whites exude fragrant notes of white flowers and citrus. On the palate, a refreshing acidity dances gracefully, revealing flavors of green apple and delicate mineral undertones. Boca's whites offer a delightful contrast to its reds, enchanting enthusiasts with their finesse and versatility.

In the Boca wine region, winemaking is a labor of love, rooted in generations of tradition and an unwavering commitment to quality. Vineyards, lovingly cared for, adorn the sun-kissed slopes, basking in the gentle breezes that shape the character of the wines. The winemakers' dedication to preserving the terroir shines through in every bottle, a testament to the rich heritage of this unassuming yet remarkable wine region.

The wines of Boca elevate culinary experiences, pairing exquisitely with Piedmont's flavorsome cuisine. The robust reds complement savory dishes like hearty pasta, roasted meats, and aged cheeses, while the elegant whites enhance the nuances of seafood and fresh vegetables. Dining in Boca becomes an enchanting gastronomic journey, where each wine elevates the flavors and moments shared with loved ones.

In the Boca wine region, a captivating symphony of red and white wines awaits discovery. From the majestic Nebbiolo reds to the charming Erbaluce whites, each bottle uncorks a sensory experience of Piedmont's timeless artistry. Embrace the allure of Boca, a hidden treasure brimming with the splendor of red and white elegance.