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Nestled in the heart of Italy's celebrated Emilia-Romagna region, Reggiano DOC stands as a paragon of viticultural excellence, a symbol of the harmony that can be achieved when nature and human dedication converge. This appellation is blessed with a unique terroir: gentle hills that roll gracefully, kissed by the Mediterranean sun, cooled by mountain breezes, and nurtured by the fertile soils that have been the cradle of Italian wine for centuries.

But what truly sets Reggiano DOC apart is its rich tapestry of grape varieties. Among the reds, Lambrusco stands out prominently, reflecting the region's deep-rooted wine tradition. This grape, with its vivacious character, produces wines that are fragrant, lively, and often effervescent, capturing the very spirit of Emilia-Romagna in each sip.

Yet, Lambrusco is just the beginning of the story. Ancellotta, with its bold character, and the floral notes of Fogarina weave intricate layers of complexity. The elegance of Cabernet Franc, the rustic charm of Malbo Gentile, the velvety texture of Marzemino, the global appeal of Merlot, and the iconic Sangiovese with its deep ties to Italian viticulture, all find a home in Reggiano DOC, contributing to its diverse wine portfolio.

With every bottle that emerges from this enchanting region, one can sense the commitment to authenticity, the respect for tradition, and the drive for innovation. Reggiano DOC is not just a wine; it's an experience, a journey through an environment that has perfected the art of grape cultivation over millennia.


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The Reggiano DOC, located in the Emilia-Romagna wine region, covers wines made with grapes from the hills and valley of Rio Po, in the province of Reggio Emilia.  

This region's vineyards have good water availability, which allows them to obtain wines with good natural acidity. In addition, the thermal variations between day and night during the ripening stage give the grapes good sugar levels.

On the other hand, the soil is formed by pelitic or stratified rocks. Its texture varies from fine to medium-fine, it is calcareous and has a variable depth.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Ancellotta, Cabernet Franc, Fogarina, Lambrusco, Malbo Gentile, Marzemino, Merlot, Sangiovese

The Reggiano DOC region, nestled in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, boasts a red wine that stands as a quintessential representation of the area's rich winemaking heritage. This common red wine, carefully crafted with utmost dedication and expertise, exemplifies the essence of the region's viticultural traditions.

Displaying a brilliant ruby hue, the wine's appearance alone captures the imagination. On the nose, it reveals an enticing bouquet, intertwining aromas of ripe dark fruits, subtle earthy notes, and delicate spice nuances. These complex scents evoke a sense of the land's bountiful offerings and the winemakers' artistry.

The palate revels in the wine's well-balanced and harmonious character. Generous fruit flavors dance alongside refined tannins, creating a seamless and elegant mouthfeel. Its structure, coupled with a hint of acidity, ensures a memorable taste experience that lingers on the palate, inviting further exploration.

The red wine of Reggiano DOC holds the authenticity and quality that comes from being made in compliance with stringent regulations and standards. From vine to bottle, the winemakers pay homage to their heritage, allowing the terroir's unique personality to shine through.

Perfectly complementing hearty Italian dishes, pasta, or succulent roasts, this red wine embodies the soul of Emilia-Romagna, making it a cherished companion for both everyday meals and special occasions. As the sun sets over the rolling hills of Reggiano DOC, savoring a glass of this vibrant red wine captures the essence of the region's warmth and conviviality, leaving a lasting impression that echoes long after the last sip.