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The Monferrato DOC, nestled within the picturesque Piedmont wine region of northern Italy, is a wine lover's paradise known for its breathtaking landscapes and exceptional grape varieties. This enchanting area boasts a diverse environment characterized by rolling hills, fertile soils, and a temperate climate, making it an ideal terroir for winemaking.

Monferrato DOC is renowned for its exquisite red and white wines, with the most planted red grape varieties being Barbera and Nebbiolo, and the most prominent white grape variety being Cortese. Barbera, with its luscious red fruit flavors and vibrant acidity, thrives in these fertile soils, producing wines of great character and depth. Nebbiolo, famous for its role in crafting the esteemed Barolo and Barbaresco wines, lends its elegance and complexity to Monferrato's red wine offerings.

On the white wine front, Cortese takes center stage, yielding crisp and refreshing wines with notes of green apple and citrus, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a delightful white wine experience.

Monferrato DOC's enchanting landscape, combined with its mastery of grape cultivation, has earned it a well-deserved reputation among wine enthusiasts. Whether you savor the rich reds or the lively whites, a visit to Monferrato promises a sensory journey through the heart of Italy's winemaking tradition.


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The Monferrato DOC. located in the Piedmont wine region, covers vineyards located mainly in the mountainous regions of Alessandria and Asti, extending along the right bank of the Po River until reaching the province of Savona in the south.

The region has a temperate-cool climate. Winters are cold, without extreme temperatures, while summers are warm. The region's moderate temperatures are due to the influence of mountainous formations.

The vineyards in this region are located on hills. The soil has a calcareous structure. Also, is alkaline, quite poor in nutrients, and composed of sand, silt and clay.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Barbera, Nebbiolo

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Cortese

In the picturesque region of Monferrato DOC, a delightful array of red and white wines captivates wine enthusiasts.

Among the most common red wines in this renowned appellation is Barbera. This versatile grape variety thrives in the region's climate, producing wines with vibrant acidity and luscious red fruit flavors, such as cherry and raspberry. Barbera wines often exhibit a pleasing freshness, making them a versatile choice for pairing with a wide range of dishes. Another prominent red grape found in Monferrato DOC is Nebbiolo. Revered for its role in crafting iconic Barolo and Barbaresco wines, Nebbiolo in Monferrato takes on a distinct personality, offering more approachable reds. These wines boast alluring aromas of red fruits and roses, complemented by a graceful structure of tannins.

On the white wine front, the region presents an enchanting variety led by the Cortese grape. Cortese wines are celebrated for their crisp acidity and lively citrus notes, accompanied by subtle floral nuances. With a touch of minerality, Cortese wines beautifully reflect the unique terroir of Monferrato, making them an excellent pairing for a diverse selection of dishes

In conclusion, Monferrato DOC offers a captivating selection of red and white wines. Barbera and Nebbiolo lead the reds, each presenting distinct characteristics from the renowned varietals. Meanwhile, Cortese showcase the region's prowess in crafting refreshing white wines. Each glass embodies the essence of Monferrato's winemaking tradition, inviting wine enthusiasts on a delightful journey through this acclaimed Italian wine region.