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The Terre Alfieri DOCG, nestled in the Piedmont region of Italy, paints a picturesque landscape that captures the essence of viticulture in its purest form. With its rolling hills and slopes, the region's unique environment provides an ideal canvas for grape cultivation. Notably, the latitude and altitude variations create a diverse microclimate that imparts character to the wines.

At the heart of Terre Alfieri DOCG lies a commitment to quality, exemplified by its main grape varieties: Arneis and Nebbiolo. The Arneis grape yields a crisp, aromatic white wine that's both refreshing and enchanting. Its exquisite counterpart, Arneis Superiore, reflects an elevated expression of elegance and depth.

In this land of reds, Nebbiolo reigns supreme. Its grapes give birth to Nebbiolo, Nebbiolo Superiore, and Nebbiolo Riserva wines. Each sip is a journey through the region's essence. Nebbiolo's complex flavors, often marked by roses and red fruits, deepen into Nebbiolo Superiore, displaying heightened intensity and character. And then, there's Nebbiolo Riserva – the pinnacle of patience and craftsmanship, offering a symphony of time, terroir, and skill.

In Terre Alfieri DOCG, the environment isn't just a backdrop; it's an active participant in crafting wines that tell stories of sun-drenched hills, crisp altitudes, and the devoted hands that tend to the vines. With Arneis and Nebbiolo as its muse, the region's wines capture the essence of the land, offering a sensory journey through a terroir steeped in history and passion.



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Nestled within the embrace of the Piedmont region in northwest Italy, the Terre Alfieri DOCG unfolds like a canvas of natural splendor. Its picturesque landscape is defined by rolling hills and gentle slopes, graced by rows of meticulously tended vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. The region's location offers a unique interplay between geography and climate, where the convergence of warm sunlit days and cool breezy nights creates an optimal environment for grape cultivation. Terre Alfieri to the north borders Freisa d'Asti, to the northeast it borders Asti, to the southwest it borders Cisterna d' Asti and to the south it borders Roero.

Terre Alfieri finds itself within the heart of Italy's wine heritage, surrounded by historical towns and charming villages that evoke a sense of timelessness. The undulating terrain is a testament to the land's history, marked by a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. As the sun bathes the landscape in a warm glow, and the surrounding Alps provide a protective embrace, the vines here bask in an idyllic setting that bestows upon the grapes a distinctive character and flavor profile.

This is a place where vineyards are not just cultivated spaces, but storytellers of the land's terroir. As the seasons evolve, the vineyards come to life, painting the landscape with vibrant hues of green in spring and golden shades in autumn. This enchanting location, shielded by the natural contours of the land, offers a sanctuary for the Arneis and Nebbiolo grapes that flourish here, creating wines that bear the essence of the region's geography, climate, and heritage. Terre Alfieri's location is not just a backdrop; it's an integral part of the narrative, weaving its story into every sip of its exquisite wines.

The climate of Terre Alfieri DOCG is a harmonious dance between the sun's warm embrace and the cool whispers of the surrounding environment. Located in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, this wine-producing haven experiences a continental climate that shapes the grapes and wines with distinctive character.

Throughout the year, Terre Alfieri's climate showcases its duality. Summers are sun-drenched and dry, gracing the vineyards with ample sunshine that fosters grape maturation and flavor development. Warm days are often tempered by cool nights, allowing the grapes to retain their acidity and balance while capturing the essence of the terroir.

As autumn approaches, a gentle transition begins, with cooler temperatures gradually asserting their presence. The shifting seasons orchestrate the grapes' final stages of ripening, infusing them with a tapestry of flavors that reflect the land's identity. This delicate balance of warmth and cooling breezes contributes to the grapes' complexity and the wines' depth.

Winter brings a quieter elegance, with chilly temperatures blanketing the landscape. This season's chill is a necessary reprieve, allowing the vines to rest and rejuvenate, preparing them for the vibrant revival of spring. As the land awakens, the tender shoots emerge, setting the stage for another cycle of growth and transformation.

Terre Alfieri's climate acts as a guiding hand, shaping the grapes into vessels of expression for the region's terroir. The interplay between sunlit days and crisp nights fosters the creation of wines that bear the signature of their surroundings. With every sip of a Terre Alfieri wine, one can taste the intricate story woven by the climate's nurturing embrace.

The Terre Alfieri DOCG region boasts a rich tapestry of soils, each contributing its unique character to the wines produced within its boundaries. These diverse soils play a pivotal role in shaping the flavors, aromas, and overall quality of the grapes grown here. Here are some of the different types of soils found in Terre Alfieri:

  1. Clay and Limestone Soils: In various areas of Terre Alfieri, clay and limestone soils dominate the landscape. These soils offer good water retention and drainage capabilities, providing a reliable water source for the vines while preventing waterlogging. The mineral-rich composition of limestone lends a distinct mineral quality to the wines, enhancing their complexity and depth.
  2. Sand and Silt Mixtures: Some parts of the region feature soils that are a blend of sand and silt. These soils offer excellent drainage and encourage the vines to develop deep root systems. The sandy component allows for quick warming of the soil in the spring, promoting early bud break and consistent grape maturation.
  3. Marl and Calcareous Soils: Marl, a mixture of clay and limestone, is prevalent in certain areas of Terre Alfieri. These soils provide a harmonious balance between water retention and drainage, ensuring that the vines receive consistent hydration without becoming waterlogged. The calcareous nature of these soils imparts a pronounced mineral character to the wines.
  4. Alluvial Soils: Along the banks of rivers and streams, alluvial soils can be found. These soils are deposits of fine particles carried by water over time. They tend to be well-draining and nutrient-rich, supporting healthy vine growth. Alluvial soils often contribute to the production of wines with vibrant fruit flavors and lively acidity.
  5. Mix of Soils in Sloped Areas: The hilly terrain of Terre Alfieri often results in a mix of soil types within a small area. Sloped vineyards might have a combination of clay, limestone, and marl, leading to intricate variations in the wines produced. These diverse soil compositions contribute to the complexity and layers of flavors found in the final wines.


In the sun-kissed vineyards of Terre Alfieri DOCG, where grapes thrive amidst picturesque landscapes, the physical aspect of Arneis and Nebbiolo grapes serves as an enticing prelude to the oenological symphonies they compose.

1- Arneis Grape: With clusters resembling precious golden gems, the Arneis grape showcases its delicate beauty in Terre Alfieri. Yet, it's more than just appearances. Arneis wines captivate with a refreshing harmony of flavors. Bursting onto the palate with notes of white flowers, pear, and apricot, they dance with vibrant acidity and subtle minerality. This grape's transformation into Arneis Superiore elevates the experience, offering a deeper dive into complexity and history. Each sip encapsulates the spirit of Terre Alfieri, where elegance and vivacity intertwine.

2- Nebbiolo Grape:Nebbiolo, the revered monarch of grapes, thrives in the region's undulating landscapes. Its dark, enigmatic berries embody the essence of Terre Alfieri's winemaking tradition. Nebbiolo wines envelop the senses with an aromatic embrace of roses, violets, and red berries, coupled with earthy undertones. From the classic Nebbiolo reds to the intensified Nebbiolo Superiore, these wines showcase intricate layers of flavor and fine tannins that promise graceful aging. The apex of this journey, Nebbiolo Riserva, reveals the culmination of time and craftsmanship, echoing the very heart of this esteemed wine territory.

In the heart of Terre Alfieri DOCG, the artistry of winemaking converges with the unique characteristics of Arneis and Nebbiolo grapes, yielding a range of exceptional wines. Arneis and Nebbiolo, the cornerstones of this Italian wine region, compose the symphony of Arneis, Arneis Superiore, Nebbiolo, Nebbiolo Superiore, and Nebbiolo Riserva wines.

  1. Arneis Wine:Derived from the Arneis grape, Arneis wine captivates with its bright and crisp character. Bursting with vibrant notes of white flowers, ripe pear, and zesty citrus, it offers a refreshing journey for the palate. The lively acidity and subtle minerality are hallmark features, crafting a balanced and harmonious experience. Arneis wine is a celebration of youthful vitality, a perfect companion for lighter dishes and moments of leisure.
  2. Arneis Superiore Wine:Arneis Superiore emerges as the refined rendition of its predecessor. After aging for a minimum of 6 months, this wine reveals heightened complexity. Its bouquet expands to encompass nuanced layers of stone fruit, honeyed aromas, and a touch of toasted almond. The extended aging imparts a more rounded texture and a longer, more contemplative finish. Arneis Superiore is an embodiment of the region's dedication to excellence, pairing wonderfully with elevated cuisine.
  3. Nebbiolo Wine:Nebbiolo, the soulful essence of Terre Alfieri, gives birth to wines that enchant with their graceful power. Young Nebbiolo wines exhibit the quintessential aromas of roses, violets, and red berries, alongside subtle earthy undertones. They offer a glimpse into the heart of the grape.
  4. Nebbiolo Superiore Wine:Nebbiolo Superiore, aged for a minimum of 1 year, including 6 months in barrel, evolves with intensified elegance. Its bouquet deepens, weaving in richer layers of dark fruit, truffle, and delicate spices. The firm tannins and refined structure lend a sophisticated character to the wine. Nebbiolo Superiore captures the essence of Terre Alfieri's terroir and the passage of time.
  5. Nebbiolo Riserva Wine:The pinnacle of Terre Alfieri's winemaking journey, Nebbiolo Riserva, demands patience and rewards it tenfold. With a minimum aging of 2 years, including 12 months in barrel, it embodies complexity beyond measure. The flavors become a tapestry of matured fruits, leather, tobacco, and a whisper of oak. Nebbiolo Riserva is an ode to tradition and craftsmanship, a wine that reflects the dedication of the land and its creators.

In Terre Alfieri DOCG, these wines tell a story of grapes, terroir, and expertise, each bottle encapsulating a chapter of the region's wine legacy. From the youthful allure of Arneis to the time-honored grandeur of Nebbiolo Riserva, these wines paint an evocative picture of a place where every sip is an invitation to savor the essence of Italian winemaking.