Barco Reale di Carmignano

Barco Reale di Carmignano

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Tucked away in the heart of Tuscany, the Barco Reale di Carmignano DOC is a testament to the harmony of nature and winemaking. This wine-producing region boasts an enviable terroir, characterized by its gently rolling hills, diverse soil composition, and the embrace of the Mediterranean climate. These environmental factors provide an idyllic cradle for vineyards, fostering not just growth but the essence of every drop of wine.

The dominance of Sangiovese in Barco Reale di Carmignano cannot be understated. Revered as the kingpin of Tuscan red grapes, Sangiovese thrives in this DOC, making up a significant portion of the blend. Its robust character offers wines that are both profound in their depth and elegant in their subtlety. Known for its nuanced aromas of red cherries, earthy undertones, and sometimes even hints of floral notes, Sangiovese encapsulates the spirit of the region.

But Barco Reale di Carmignano isn’t merely about its environment and Sangiovese. This DOC champions the integration of traditional and modern viticultural practices. The age-old wisdom of local farmers, paired with contemporary techniques, results in wines that echo the past while embracing the present.

In essence, the Barco Reale di Carmignano DOC is a reflection of its surroundings – a beautiful confluence of nature’s generosity and human endeavor, with Sangiovese standing proud as its most iconic ambassador.



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The Barco Reale di Carmignano DOC, located in the Tuscany wine region, covers the municipalities of Carmignano e Poggio and Caiano. This region has a Consorzio in charge of ensuring the quality of the wines produced within the DOC, the Consorzio Vini Carmignano.

This region has a higher concentration of rainfall during the summer. In addition, the vines receive a great deal of light, mainly due to the orientation in which they are planted, and the surrounding mountains help to ventilate the vines.

Regarding soils, vines qualified for the Barco Reale di Carmignano DOC must not be planted at an altitude of more than 400 meters and must be planted on marly limestone, clay shale and sandstone soils.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Sangiovese

The wines of Barco Reale di Carmignano DOC offer a captivating expression of Tuscany's terroir through their Rosso and Rosato varieties. Crafted with precision, these wines reflect a harmonious blend of traditional and international grape varieties.

Barco Reale di Carmignano Rosso captivates with a minimum of 50% Sangiovese, infusing the wine with quintessential Tuscan character. The addition of 10-20% Cabernet Franc and/or Cabernet Sauvignon brings depth and complexity, enhancing the flavor profile with notes of dark fruit and a hint of herbaceousness. A touch of Canaiolo Nero, up to 20%, contributes a softening elegance. To complete the composition, a maximum of 10% Canaiolo Bianco, Malvasia, and/or Trebbiano Toscano, along with up to 10% of other authorized red grapes, weave together a tapestry of flavors that unfold on the palate. This red blend ages gracefully, maturing into a wine of remarkable depth and character.

Barco Reale di Carmignano Rosato mirrors the same careful craftsmanship. Anchored by a minimum of 50% Sangiovese, it showcases the grape's lively red fruit character. The addition of 10-20% Cabernet Franc and/or Cabernet Sauvignon introduces a delicate blush and subtle hints of berries. Canaiolo Nero, up to 20%, lends a gentle structure that harmonizes the wine's components. A dash of Canaiolo Bianco, Malvasia, and/or Trebbiano Toscano, capped at 10%, along with a maximum of 10% other authorized red grapes, completes this Rosato, bestowing a refreshing and balanced sip that exudes the region's essence.

In both Rosso and Rosato expressions, the Barco Reale di Carmignano DOC showcases its mastery in blending grape varieties, yielding wines that embody the beauty and authenticity of Tuscany's winemaking heritage. With every sip, these wines transport the drinker to the sun-soaked vineyards of Carmignano, offering a sensorial journey through its storied past and promising future.