Cotesti DOP

Cotesti DOP

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The Cotesti DOP, nestled in the Moldova wine region of Romania, is distinguished by its unique climatic conditions that foster the production of exceptional wines. This area benefits from a microclimate characterized by moderate temperatures and enough sunlight,key for the gradual maturation of grapes, enhancing their flavor and complexity.

The soils in Cotesti are mostly composed of gravel and sandstone, contributing to an excellent drainage and aeration. This soil structure is key as it ensures that vines are neither waterlogged nor too dry, maintaining an optimal balance of moisture and warmth.

Cotesti DOP is renowned for its cultivation of traditional Romanian grape varieties such as Feteasca Neagra, Feteasca Regala, and Feteasca Alba. These varieties thrive in the region's fertile soils and unique climate, achieving high levels of acidity and natural sugars. The combination of the region's natural resources and viticultural expertise of winemakers allows to produce wines that are not only expressive of their origin but also apreciated by wine lovers.


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Nestled within the Moldova wine region, Cotesti DOP unfolds its picturesque landscape in northeastern Romania. Rolling hills, panted with neat rows of vineyards, dominate the scenery. These hills, draped in green vegetation, create a mesmerizing vista, especially during the temperate seasons when the vines are in full bloom. The undulating terrain not only adds character to the landscape but also plays a key role for grape cultivation, ensuring proper drainage and sunlight exposure for the optimal development and ripening of the grapes.

As you traverse through Cotesti DOP, you'll encounter quaint villages scattered amidst the vine-covered slopes, their rustic charm enhancing the pastoral allure of the region. In this DOP, the Carpathian Mountains provide a majestic backdrop, but also offering shadow to the vines in the hottest days. The interplay of light and shadow across the landscape creates a uniquevisual tapestry, drawing visitors into the heart of Cotesti DOP's natural beauty.

Sharing the Moldova wine region with eight other DOPs—Bohotin, Cotnari, Dealu Bujorului, Husi, Iasi, Iana, Panciu, and Odobesti—Cotesti DOP holds its own distinct charm within this renowned region, offering a captivating blend of scenic splendor and winemaking heritage.

Nestled in northeastern Romania, the Cotesti DOP wine subregion boasts an unique climate, shaped by continental influences. Summers are unfold with warmth, as the vines are graced with sunlight and temperatures climb. This gentle heat help the grapes to achieve ideal levels of maturation.  However,in the winter, the vines can be affected by frost, which can reduce the quality of grapes. For this reason, winegrowers must take measures to protect the vineyards from lower temperatures.

In Cotesti, the vines receive a moderate rainfall, more concentrated during the spring and autumn. These levels of precipitation are key for a healthy development of the vines, helping them to avoid extense periods without natural irrigation. This rainfall patterns, coupled with generous sunlight, help the winemakers to produce wines with character.

Within the Cotesti DOP, the climate is more than just a backdrop: its the key element to produce wines with unique aromas and flavors.

The Cotesti DOP wine subregion is characterized by its unique soil composition, which influences the quality and characteristics of the wines from this DOP:

  1. Gravel: This soil type is predominant in Cotesti, providing excellent drainage which is essential for vine health. The gravelly soil helps maintaining a moderate availability of water for the vines, ensuring that they are not waterlogged while also retaining enough moisture during the drier periods.
  2. Sandstone: Complementing the gravel, sandstone layers contribute to the soil's good aeration properties. This type of soil warms quickly in the sun, storing heat that helps extend the growing period for the vines . The warmth also helps grapes to have a longer and evened maturation cycle, which is key for the development of natural sugars, acidity and flavors.

These soil types together create an environment that supports the cultivation of robust vines, leading to the production of wines with rich flavors and deep character.


In the Cotesti DOP, a wine subregion renowned for its rich viticultural heritage, three prominent grape varieties stand out for their unique adaptability to the terroir of the region: Feteasca Neagra, Feteasca Regala, and Feteasca Alba. Each variety thrives under specific conditions that contribute to the high quality of the wines produced in this area:

  1. Feteasca Neagra: Feteasca Neagra is a grape that demands special attention at the momento of harvest, due to its tendency for uneven maturation of the grapes. This variety flourishes in the warm, sunny climate of Cotesti, which helps to develop strong vines that produce robust grapes that give birth to high-quality red wines. The region's moderate rainfall and well-drained soils also play a key role when growing this variety, which is susceptible to certain fungal diseases if the moisture levels are too high.
  2. Feteasca Regala: Feteasca Regala has different climatic requirements than Feteasca Neagra  to achieve its best potential. This grape  benefits from the cooler microclimates within the Cotesti area, which help extend the growing season and allow the grapes to develop a great balance of natural sugars and acidity, essential for the production of complex white wines. On the other hand, the well-aerated soils rich in minerals support a healthy vine growth and optimal fruit development.
  3. Feteasca Alba: Finally, Feteasca Alba thrives in the limestone-rich soils prevalent throughout the Cotesti subregion. This grape variety needs careful management of sunlight exposure to ensure the grapes ripen evenly while maintaining the necessary levels of natural acidity for the production of premium white wines. The slightly cooler temperatures towards the end of the growing season are especially beneficial for Feteasca Alba, because they help to preserve the freshness of the grapes until the moment of harvest.

These grape varieties, coupled with other international grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc, are an integral part of the viticultura identity of the Cotesti DOP, each of them adapted to the unique terroir of the region, reflecting the tradition and innovation in Romanian viticulture.

The Cotesti DOP is getting more reconicement for its signature ines: Feteasca Neagra, Feteasca Regala, and Feteasca Alba. Each reflecting show uniquely the diverse terroir of this Romanian wine region.

  1. Feteasca Neagra: Feteasca Neagra wines are renowned for their deep, intense flavors. They typically show a robust profile of dark fruit notes such as blackberries and plums, often complemented by subtle hints of spices like cinnamon and vanilla. These wines are full-bodied, and become more complex as they age, developing richer undertones of toasted bread and leather.
  2. Feteasca Regala: Feteasca Regala wines offer a unique sensory experience, characterized by their lighter and more aromatic profile. They often show a fresh and floral profile in the nose, with a bouquet of notes that may remind you of wildflowers and roses, as well as sweet frutal notes of dried apricots. When aged , these wines gain more complexity, with aromatic notes that includes a subtle almond reminiscence, and a flavor profile that includes notes of dried fruits. The aromatic and flavor profile of this wine makes it perfect to pair a great range of dishes.
  3. Feteasca Alba: Finally, Feteasca Alba wines are appreciated for their fresh and vibrant aromatic profile. They typically show intense zesty citrusand lime-tree blossom notes, wiith subtle notes of wildflowers and hay as they mature. These wines are known for their finesse and balance, offering a refreshing acidity that makes them perfect to enjoy with lighter meals or on their own, as an aperitif.

Each of these wines from the Cotesti DOP , coupled with other internationally recognized styles such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, offer an unique taste experience that enchants both casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike.