Consorzio Vini Alto Adige

Consorzio Vini Alto Adige

The Consorzio Vini Alto Adige stands as a unifying force, bringing together the vibrant tapestry of the Trentino-Alto Adige wine sector stakeholders – from cooperatives and companies to independent winegrowers. Founded in 2007, it has evolved into the foremost institution driving the strategic, technical, legal, and cultural dimensions of the region's viticulture. As a bridge connecting winegrowers with institutions, this consortium serves as the pulsating heart of South Tyrol's vinicultural landscape. Some of the wine regions that are regulated by the Consorzio are Alto Adige, Lago di Caldaro and Trentino.

Steering the course towards progress, the Consorzio Vini Alto Adige operates at the crossroads of communication, marketing, and an ardent interest in the wine domain. Anchored by a steadfast commitment to quality, it envisions a horizon where knowledge dissemination and marketing excellence stand hand in hand with superior product standards. Serving as a vital hub, the consortium not only nurtures initiatives supported by the European Union but also lends its expertise to research undertakings, wine legislation dynamics, production regulations, sustainability endeavors, and the far-reaching implications of Agenda 2030.

Embracing its role as a liaison between the national and foreign markets, the Consorzio is both a guardian of authenticity and a global advocate for South Tyrolean wine. Its endeavors extend beyond geographical boundaries, with a focus on carving a prominent niche within the broader wine community. With strategic prowess, it fortifies the foundations of South Tyrolean viticulture, illuminating pathways for impactful decisions. Through a seamless blend of online and offline outreach, the consortium acts as an essential beacon, offering comprehensive insights into the essence of wine in South Tyrol. This outreach encompasses local, national, and international arenas, with a presence felt at trade fairs, congresses, and diverse events that celebrate this exceptional South Tyrolean creation. In doing so, the Consorzio Vini Alto Adige amplifies the voice of its region, resonating as a testament to dedication, research, and the timeless allure of wine.

The Consorzio Vini Alto Adige not only orchestrates the symphony of South Tyrolean viticulture but embodies a profound commitment to nurturing the cultural and social tapestry that thrives within it. In this picturesque corner, where viticulture interlaces with tradition, the consortium serves as a beacon, elevating all participants of the wine sector onto a grand stage. This guiding principle is evident in its relentless efforts to illuminate the merits and characteristics of South Tyrolean wine production. By crafting a platform that grants unparalleled visibility to every sector player, the consortium empowers individuals to forge their futures in viticulture and wine production, with sustainability and profitability as cornerstones of this vision.

Central to its ethos, the Consorzio Vini Alto Adige manifests another guiding principle—a steadfast commitment to being a support system for its members. As a proactive engine and unwavering ally, it embraces those who channel their passion, energy, and life into the world of wine. The consortium's strategic pursuits extend beyond the vineyards, envisioning a sustainable panorama where all facets of the wine industry flourish harmoniously. Its strategies encompass sustainable development, a tenet that resonates deeply. Recognizing that the sustenance of viticulture is intertwined with the well-being of its practitioners, the consortium advocates for remunerative livelihoods, ensuring that the noble labor of winegrowers is duly rewarded.

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