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Nestled in the lush valleys of Italy's Aosta region, the Donnas DOC is a testament to both nature's splendor and human ingenuity. The area's diverse environment provides a unique backdrop against which the vines thrive, creating wines of unparalleled character and quality.

The region's landscape is characterized by steep slopes, sheltered by towering alpine peaks. This topography creates microclimates that are particularly conducive to viticulture. The soils, a mixture of sandy loam and rocky substrates, combined with the area's cool climate, present optimal conditions for grapevines to flourish. The cool nights help retain acidity in the grapes, while the warm daytime temperatures ensure their full maturation, resulting in wines with a perfect balance of freshness and complexity.

Among the grape varieties cultivated in the Donnas DOC, the Nebbiolo stands tall. As the most planted red grape in the region, Nebbiolo is integral to the identity of Donnas wines. The grape is famed for its expressive aromatics, offering fragrances of red fruit, rose petals, and often a distinctive note of tar. On the palate, wines made from Nebbiolo exhibit a harmony of tannin, acidity, and depth of flavor that age gracefully, reflecting the soul of the terroir from which they originate.

In conclusion, the Donnas DOC is more than just a wine-producing region; it's a vibrant tapestry of nature, tradition, and passion. The environment, inextricably tied to the wines it produces, continues to shape the legacy of this extraordinary appellation.



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Donnas is the easternmost DOC of the Aosta Valley, nestled in the Alps of northwestern Italy. The region's vineyard area encompasses the slopes above the Dora Baltea River, just before crossing the border with Piemonte and Carema. In this region, the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Valle d'Aosta is key to elevate the quality of the wines under this appelation.

This DOC has a more moderate continental climate than other subregions of the Aosta Valley. While its summers are relatively warm and the vineyards receive a good amount of sunshine during this season, winters tend to be much colder. For this reason, the thermal variation between seasons is large.

The region's soils have a fine, rocky texture and are composed mainly of schist and granite. This gives the vines a good base, as it absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night, which tends to be cooler.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Nebbiolo

In the Donnas DOC, you will discover the allure of Donnas wine, a true red gem. This elixir is an exquisite blend, harmonizing 85% Nebbiolo with 15% other authorized red grape varieties. With an elegant 11.50% Vol. alcoholic strength, Donnas wine extends an invitation to indulge in its depth and character.

In the glass, Donnas wine unveils a captivating ruby red hue, adorned with garnet reflections that hint at its sophistication. Aromas rise gracefully, offering a fine and characteristic bouquet, kissed with a touch of spice. With each sip, the velvety texture graces the palate, leaving an indelible mark of harmony. The journey concludes with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste—a signature that lingers like a poetic refrain.

Donnas wine embraces the tradition of the Aosta Valley's culinary heritage, making it a splendid companion to an array of local delicacies. It elevates the experience of Valdostana-style cutlets, amplifying their flavors with its regal presence. Pair it with the rustic charm of Valpellinentze, a fusion of bread soup, Fontina cheese, and cabbage, creating a harmonious medley of tastes and textures. As a complement to the exquisite, delve into the rich tapestry of flavors in a stewed chamois dish. And, of course, let Donnas wine be the bridge that unites the bold character of Fontina cheese with the velvety notes within each sip.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Donnas DOC, where tradition, nature, and craftsmanship converge to produce a wine that echoes the essence of the Aosta Valley. Donnas wine captures the spirit of this storied region, embracing its culture, flavors, and history in every drop—a masterpiece awaiting your discovery.