Consorzio Di Tutela Nebbioli Alto Piemonte

Consorzio Di Tutela Nebbioli Alto Piemonte

Nestled in the lush vineyards of Alto Piemonte, the Consorzio di Tutela Nebbioli Alto Piemonte serves as the guardian of the Piemonte winemaking tradition. This consortium takes on a multifaceted role, tirelessly working to protect, enhance, and coordinate the interests and activities surrounding some of Italy's most cherished Designations of Origin (DOs). These include nine distinctive DOCs—Boca, Bramaterra, Colline Novaresi, Coste della Sesia, Fara, Lessona, Sizzano, Valli Ossolane—as well as two esteemed DOCGs: Gattinara and Ghemme.

Tasked with a diverse range of responsibilities, the consortium operates within the framework of community and national legislation, especially Law 164 of 1992. It ensures meticulous compliance with legal statutes and directives, while also serving as a collaborative partner to various regulatory bodies. A vigilant overseer, the consortium is dedicated to collaborating in the supervision of the application of law 164/92 and ensures the interests of all categories—be it vine growers, winemakers, or marketers—are aptly represented and protected.

The activities of the consortium are comprehensive, ranging from technical advisement to protection against unfair practices such as plagiarism and usurpation. It acts as a staunch defender of the legitimate interests of its stakeholders, willing to take civil action when the honor and integrity of these revered DOs are at stake. The consortium also plays a pivotal role in ensuring that producers adhere to the rules laid out in production specifications. Through stringent oversight, it guarantees the quality and authenticity of wines that bear the protected labels.

In a world increasingly fascinated with branding and image, the consortium tirelessly works to boost the profile of its designated wines from both a technical and aesthetic standpoint. Collaborations with similar entities and events extend its reach and efficacy in promoting the DOs. But the efforts do not stop at mere promotion. The consortium actively engages in providing training and technical assistance across the entire wine production chain, reinforcing a commitment to quality and expertise.

Beyond its core functions, the consortium offers consultative and operational guidance to various institutional bodies at both the community and national levels. This includes matters related to vineyard registers, grape and wine production reports, and the distribution of protected labels. It can even propose modifications to the regulatory framework of the respective wine designations, further demonstrating its integral role in shaping the future of Italian winemaking.

The consortium's scope of collaboration extends to other representative bodies and consortia with similar missions. Through alliances, it seeks to use their administrative and technical structures for mutual benefit. In certain circumstances, it allows other consortia to use its own administrative structures, thus offering a collaborative landscape for the collective advancement of the wine industry.

At its core, the Consorzio di Tutela Nebbioli Alto Piemonte remains dedicated to achieving its objectives in accordance with the mandates set forth by law. It may request responsibility for the supervision of its members in applying law 164/92 and seek authorization for extended functions, ensuring that the heritage and future of Alto Piemonte's cherished wines are in capable, devoted hands.

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