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Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti







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Malvasia di Casorzo d'Asti DOC is nestled in the picturesque Piedmont wine region of northern Italy, where the landscape is characterized by rolling hills, lush vineyards, and a rich winemaking tradition. This enchanting area is renowned for producing unique and flavorful wines that reflect its distinctive terroir.

The Malvasia di Casorzo d'Asti DOC region benefits from an ideal environment for grape cultivation. The vineyards are typically situated on south-facing slopes, maximizing sun exposure and ensuring proper ripening of the grapes. The climate here is continental, with warm summers and cool nights, which allows the grapes to develop complex flavors while retaining essential acidity.

The main grape varieties cultivated in this DOC area are Malvasia Nera, Freisa, and Barbera. Malvasia Nera, a red grape variety, takes center stage and lends its name to the region. Its grapes are known for their deep color and aromatic qualities, contributing to the wine's distinctive character. Freisa adds a touch of brightness and freshness, while Barbera brings structure and acidity, resulting in well-balanced, flavorful wines.

Malvasia di Casorzo d'Asti DOC wines are celebrated for their lively red fruit flavors, a touch of sweetness, and a delightful effervescence that sets them apart from other Piedmontese wines. These wines are often enjoyed as dessert wines or paired with local sweets, making them a delightful and unique addition to the Piedmont wine landscape.



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The DOC Malvasia di Casorzo d'Asti is located in the Piedmont wine region. It covers the municipality of Casorzo and some small areas of Grazzano Badoglio, Ottiglio, Grana, Olivola, Vignale Monferrato and Altavilla Monferrato. To the northwest, this DOC borders the Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC, while to the south and southeast is bordered by the Barbera del Monferrato DOC.

Wines under this DOC must contain at least 90% of the Malvasia variety and up to 10% of the Freisa and Barbera varieties. The quality of these wines is rigorously monitored by the Consorzio per la Tutela del Casorzo, which has the mission of ensuring the high standards of the Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti DOC.

The climate of the region is continental, with low temperatures in winter and spring and higher temperatures in summer.

The vineyards are located mainly in the upper-middle part of the hilly area due to better exposure to sunlight and protection from spring frosts.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Malvasia Nera, Freisa, Barbera

Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti DOC is a charming red wine that hails from the Asti province in the Piedmont region of Italy. Crafted mainly from the rare Malvasia Nera grape, this wine offers a unique and delightful drinking experience.

Renowned for its vivacious red color, Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti entices with its alluring aromas of fresh red fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries, intermingled with floral notes. The wine's bouquet is further enhanced by hints of violet and a touch of sweetness, making it a harmonious and aromatic delight on the nose.

On the palate, Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti captivates with its lively and slightly sparkling nature. It is cherished for its low alcohol content and light body, providing an approachable and refreshing drinking experience. The wine's moderate tannins and well-balanced sweetness contribute to its versatility, making it an excellent choice to accompany a wide range of dishes.

The unique character of Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti is attributed to the particular terroir of the Casorzo area, where the grapes thrive on the rolling hills and well-drained soils. The local microclimate, with its warm days and cool nights, imparts distinctive flavors and ensures the grapes reach optimal ripeness.

Perfect for savoring on warm summer evenings or as an accompaniment to fruit-based desserts, Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti DOC stands as a testament to the Piedmont region's winemaking heritage. Its charming and lively profile delights both wine enthusiasts and those seeking a vibrant and unique expression of red wine.